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10 Shetland Blogs to Read

by Elizabeth Atia -

Shetland seems to breed and attract a rather creative lot of people. This creativity manifests in many forms, music, art, textiles, dance - and through words.

There are many Shetland based bloggers sharing their creativity and passions through their words, images, stories and recipes. Here is a small selection of them that you should add to your regular reading list.

1. Nicki Leask blogs over at Roots & Wren. She is an expat Canadian married to a native Shetlander and her blog is the story of her "mission to laugh more, eat more whole foods, celebrate each moment more fully, and make more bread! In other words, to live a life more magnificent."

Nicki shares mouthwatering recipes with stunning food photographs sure to make you want to get creative in the kitchen yourself.


2. Nat Hall is the author behind Nordic Blackbird. Nat is a Norman born Shetland based poet, wordsmith, visual artist, intellectual nomad and day-dreamer par excellence. Her poetry and prose can be very moving and thought provoking.

You can also find Nat on her other website Nordic Blackbird The Roost.


3. The world's fastest knitter, Hazel Tindall, has a blog section on her popular website - - where she shares her stories of travelling and creating textile art here in Shetland.

You can also find Hazel on Twitter and Facebook.


4. Akshay Borges is a very talented chef at The Scalloway Hotel, and he's recently set up his own food blog - Shetland Chef - to showcase his fantastic and unique Indian-Shetland fusion recipes.

You can also find Akshay on Twitter and Facebook.


5. Misa Hay has called Shetland home for over a decade. Her blog - My Shetland Garden - is all about the challenges she faces gardening in Shetland's tempermental climate and the beautiful recipes she makes with her home grown food.

You can also find Misa on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


6. Kevin Serginson blogs over at Moder-Dye, an outdoor adventure blog. I have found so many new and interesting places to explore in Shetland through his website - he's always doing something interesting! Well worth checking out.


7. Rain Geese and Selkies is a Shetland nature diary written by BBC Local Patch reporter Sally Hubband. Her well researched posts are always a joy to read when they appear in my inbox. She also writes Bog, Loch and Hill about her walks in the Viking Energy Farm locations.

You can also find Sally on Twitter.


8. 60 North Journeyman Bakers is a fantastic food blog written by Joyce McCormack living on the south mainland of Shetland. She creates some fantastic recipes are her stories describe real life in the isles. Fascinating reads.


9. My Shetland is authored by photographer Frances Taylor and she regularly writes about her life on these isles caring for Shetland ponies. If you want to know more about the dancing pony or those Shetland ponies in wool jumpers, visit her blog!

You can also find Frances on Twitter and Facebook.


10. A bit of shameless self promotion here, I know, but Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary is my own blog. I've been writing it now for four years, sharing my food, craft and adventure stories.

You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.


This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the blogs here in Shetland. There are many more other food, nature and craft blogs out there.

If you are a blogger in Shetland make yourself known! Tweet me or send me a message on Facebook and I will give you a follow!

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