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Shetland is far to the north of Britain, as close to the North Pole as parts of Greenland or Alaska. Hardly a gourmet’s paradise, you might think. But in fact Shetland offers some fine and very distinctive food and drink.

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In crystal-clear coastal waters, Shetland’s fishermen catch some of the finest fish you’ll ever taste. Closer inshore, mussels grow naturally to a remarkable size. What’s more, much of that saltwater bounty is now certified for sustainability.

On the land, Shetland’s crofters and farmers tend cattle and sheep, with the unique native Shetland lamb being recognised in the same way as delicacies such as Prosciutto Toscano or Roquefort. There are traditional crops, too, like the Shetland Black potato, perhaps the perfect roaster.

Until recently, much of Shetland’s produce was little known outside the islands and islanders themselves may even have taken some of it for granted. That is rapidly changing. Shetland mussels, lamb, beef, smoked salmon and much else are now enjoyed worldwide and, within the islands, there’s a refreshing new focus on food that’s local.

In recent years, two cheese-makers have become well-established, with an excellent range that goes very well with the legendary local oatcakes. Producers of fine chocolates, fudges and preserves satisfy the sweeter tooth and it can all be washed down with a great range of local beers.

It’s a great, high quality menu, featuring food that’s been produced with care and integrity in one of the finest, cleanest environments in the world. Enjoy!

On A Taste of Shetland blog we will aim to bring you regular updates, inspiration, information and delicious recipes using Shetland ingredients.

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