February 2017 Competition

The newly established Fair Isle knitwear businesss in Shetland, BAKKA, is delighted to once again offer these coloured wristwarmers as our monthly competition prize. 

BAKKA aims to promote the tradition and cultural heritage of Fair Isle patterns with one significant difference; instead of Shetland wool, the garments use 100% extrafine merino yarn. The result is a silky soft and light product that provides additional warmth, comfort and convenience. Their designs have all been inspired from the oldest garments in the collections in the Museums of Shetland and Edinburgh.

The best traditional patterns and colours of the past are successfully married with the best yarn of the present. This makes BAKKA products distinguished and unique amongst other Fair Isle producers.

The coloured wristwarmers featured in our competition were inspired by a sock which is held in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. BAKKA added purl rows to spread out the motifs, and made subtle alterations here and there within the pattern. The purl rows allow the motifs to breathe; they bring the patterns to life by creating movement. However, the classic theme remains; the visual traditionality has not been lost.

The wristwarmers are fully lined for extra warmth and to help prevent snagging. One is lined in blue, and the other in rust. The wristwarmers were knitted on an industrial Shima Seiki machine, at a gauge of 12 stitches to 1 inch. The yarn used by BAKKA is produced in Italy by Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia SpA. It is 100% extra-fine merino yarn. A team from Zegna Baruffa travel to Australia and choose their Merino wool on the hoof. It is processed in Italy using first-class skills and advanced innovative technology. The resulting yarn is as shiny as silk, as soft as cashmere, and gives a knitted product which is soft, light and warm: a true delight to wear.

BAKKA creations are a work of art, a statement, a celebration of traditional Fair Isle knitwear.

Experience joy: wear BAKKA! Enter the competition now to give yourself a chance of winning.

BAKKA offers regular promotions on its website, www.bakkaknitwear.com. Why not visit the site and sign up to their mailing list? Then you will be sure not to miss out on any news, offers or free gifts.

For more information, email: mary@bakkaknitwear.com or visit them on Facebook and Instagram

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